About us

A&B Solutions provides outsourcing of accounting, human resource management and business management services, creating better organizational opportunities for companies and their clients, with innovative solutions that allow them to achieve big goals.
Solve your accounting and management problems by relying on experts to help you grow.
A&B Solutions is obtaining Quality Management System Certification ISO 9001: 2015 by AENOR Chile.
We are hoping to achieve a long term relationship as a key business partner, to help you and your colleagues doing business in our country.
We remain attentive to your requirements and we are ready to be partner in Chile.



This service allows the customer to obtain an external service tailored to their needs, to order their day-to-day accounting.


External service to delegate the calculation and monthly administration of the payroll of its workers.

Administration consulting

We enter into your day to day with a strategic look that allows you to plan, with your vision and the mission you have defined for your company.


Trust us to inspect and verify your company or entity accounting, with our experienced auditors.

Softland ERP management

Solve your problems taking advantage of your Softland ERP with access to key information of your business.

Our customers